Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things will enable a factory manager to monitor and track assets in real-time, thereby creating a potential for data-driven decision making towards system and process optimisation.

Goals of the project

1. Provide a framework for mapping the energy usage landscape in a manufacturing assembly line
2. Optimize energy usage in a manufacturing assembly line

Our Partner

We are delighted to work with Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – located in Mysore. Vinyas is a PCB manufacturer whose factory is equipped with automated robotic and wave soldering.

Project Achievements

Our proof-of-concept involves real data from an SMT assembly line. Real-time factory data is gathered and analysed to generate actionable knowledge.

Sensing Modalities and Network Deployment

Data is collected from sensors connected to IOT End-Devices at the factory via IOT Gateway and Middleware server to the data store server at RBCCPS, IISc Bangalore.

Model Exploration

This involves the development of a detailed simulation model of the manufacturing line for prediction, bottleneck identification, what-if analysis, optimization and real-time monitoring.

Data Analysis

Algorithms were developed for detection of events in the machines. These events were further used to generate parameters for the simulation model.


A 2D dashboard and a 3D model have been designed to provide a summary statistical analysis and show the events in the factory in real-time.

Our Team

IISc. Team:

Rajesh Sundaresan (Professor, RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
Bharadwaj Amrutur (Professor, RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (Professor, RBCCPS/Computer Science and Automation)
Ashish V. Joglekar (MTS, RBCCPS)
Prakash Hiremath (MTech., Electrical Communication Engineering)
Sampad B. Mohanty (Project Associate, RBCCPS)
Raghunath D (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)
Gaurav Bhandari (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)
Stefan Ipach (Manager, RBCCPS)

Past Members:
Neha Karanjkar (PostDoc Researcher, RBCCPS)
Alexandre Reiffers-Masson (PostDoc Researcher, RBCCPS)
S. Sridhar (MTS, RBCCPS)
Venkatesh Prabhu (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)

Vinyas Team:

Anupama Kulkarni (Point of Contact, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)
Raju (Production Manager, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)
Manu (Maintenance Manager, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)

TCS Team:

Rajeev Shorey (Principal Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs)
Devadatta Kulkarni (Principal Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs)