Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things will enable a factory manager to monitor and track assets in real-time, thereby creating a potential for data-driven decision making towards system and process optimisation.

Goals of the project

1. Provide a framework for mapping the energy usage landscape in a manufacturing assembly line
2. Optimize energy usage in a manufacturing assembly line

Our Partner

We are delighted to work with Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – located in Mysore. Vinyas is a PCB manufacturer whose factory is equipped with automated robotic and wave soldering.

Project Achievements

Our proof-of-concept involves real data from an SMT assembly line. Real-time factory data is gathered and analysed to generate actionable knowledge.

Sensing Modalities and Network Deployment

Data is collected from sensors connected to IOT End-Devices at the factory via IOT Gateway and Middleware server to the data store server at RBCCPS, IISc Bangalore.

Model Exploration

This involves the development of a detailed simulation model of the manufacturing line for prediction, bottleneck identification, what-if analysis, optimization and real-time monitoring.

Data Analysis

Algorithms were developed for detection of events in the machines. These events were further used to generate parameters for the simulation model.


A 2D dashboard and a 3D model have been designed to provide a summary statistical analysis and show the events in the factory in real-time.

Our Team

IISc. Team:

Rajesh Sundaresan (Professor, RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
Bharadwaj Amrutur (Professor, RBCCPS/Electrical Communication Engineering)
Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (Professor, RBCCPS/Computer Science and Automation)
Ashish V. Joglekar (MTS, RBCCPS)
Prakash Hiremath (MTech., Electrical Communication Engineering)
Sampad B. Mohanty (Project Associate, RBCCPS)
Raghunath D (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)
Gaurav Bhandari (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)
Stefan Ipach (Manager, RBCCPS)

Past Members:
Neha Karanjkar (PostDoc Researcher, RBCCPS)
Alexandre Reiffers-Masson (PostDoc Researcher, RBCCPS)
S. Sridhar (MTS, RBCCPS)
Venkatesh Prabhu (Project Assistant, RBCCPS)

Vinyas Team:

Anupama Kulkarni (Point of Contact, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)
Raju (Production Manager, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)
Manu (Maintenance Manager, Vinyas Innovative Technologies)

TCS Team:

Rajeev Shorey (Principal Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs)
Devadatta Kulkarni (Principal Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs)

Job Posting

Technical Associate or Consultant Technologist (1 person, full time position)

We are looking for an experienced B.Tech / M.Tech graduate who has knowledge of electronic circuits, sensor front-end and actuator interfacing circuits, embedded systems, and communication protocols. Candidates with 2 or more years of experience on projects involving sensing, data acquisition, aggregation, inference, and actuation/control will be preferred. Leadership experience on such projects will be a plus. The project will be on implementation of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform and associated data analytics to enable smart manufacturing. The employment will be initially for a period of 6 months, with a possibility of extension by another year.
Please send a cover letter and a two-page resume including your work experience to Mr. M.K.Subramani ( with the subject "Technical Associate or Consultant Technologist: IIoT".